Breaking Down Barriers in Diabetes

Diabetes informaion and management dvd

Today, "Diabetes" is better understood and its management more comprehensive than ever before - yet it remains a scary topic. Like most scary topics, this is only because it is mysterious - like what's under the bonnet of your car. That is, until someone explains it.

Sometimes, it may be because we had a relative who had problems related to diabetes in the "old days," or because people haven’t understood the relationship between control and complications.

Sometimes, it may be because it’s hard to believe the doctor telling us about things that are supposed to happen, but that we’ve never seen. Anyway, how would a doctor know unless he or she has diabetes?

This series aims to take some of the mystery and the fear out of diabetes, by helping Break Down some of the Barriers to Understanding and Management of Diabetes. We will introduce you to people who have experienced diabetes and who have learned the hard way. They want to share this experience with you, to help you to a better level of understanding and a better outlook.

We will show you some scary images of what can go wrong when things weren’t managed well, but we’ll also show you that with some knowledge and application, you can still achieve excellent results and have an excellent long-term result.

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Diabetes Management
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